Stakeholder engagement Valuable opinions

Statement of intent

PACT is a company with a commitment to sustainable development through the design, development and management of water and services, actively contributing to social well-being, environmental balance and economic progress. 

PACT, aware of the challenges facing humanity and the difficulty of getting a global sustainable development model, takes on the responsibility of mitigating new risks, but also responding successfully to new opportunities that stem from these challenges.

Our commitment goes beyond the bottom line and points towards more ambitious goals of creating shared value in the long term for society. 

This document serves as a comprehensive policy framework setting out the principles for other PACT policies.



  • Ethics and responsibility in business — PACT promotes ethical and sustainable work from its own business, always acting from an outlook of precaution and economic, social and environmental risk minimization.
  • Financial strength and long-term approach — PACT understands sustainability as a long-term commitment that reinforces the principle of economic and financial stability.
  • Respect for fundamental human rights — PACT rejects any form of human right abuse or violation between employees, suppliers, contractors, collaborators, partners, competitors and society at large, promoting equality of opportunity and non-discrimination.
  • Value creation for communities where it operates — PACT aims to provide value in the geographical areas where it operates, through the development of business models that contribute to its social development.
  • Caring for the environment and fighting climate change — In order to reduce the impact of its operations, PACT seeks the highest level of environmental efficiency in all projects undertaken, raising awareness among employees of the integration of this variable in decision making and business operations.
  • Integration of Sustainability — PACT understands sustainability as an issue that must be present in all business areas and organizational levels of the company, with a spill-over effect to customers, suppliers, partners and other stakeholders
  • Innovation — PACT fosters innovation as a cornerstone of business development, striving for sustainable solutions in EPC service, technology and operational areas.
  • Dialogue with stakeholders — PACT holds regular and fluid dialogue with its stakeholders, collecting and responding to their expectations, including the most relevant ones into its sustainability strategy.
  • Transparency in communication and accountability — PACT provides transparent, accurate and rigorous information to its stakeholders.



In the long run, PACT is planning to launch a stakeholder’s engagement program to foster the positive will of PACT, and will constantly review our sustainability plan for improvement. We believe this is a bilateral way of improving our supply chain management in terms of efficiency and environmental protection awareness from the use /selection of materials to individual /co-operate level. It is our responsible to make sure that our business can bring zero damage to the environment besides delivering our business to improve our clients’environmental performance.


Sustainability Committee