Offgas Treatment


Odor Management 


The potential release of odors is a major concern of the public relative to modifying existing wastewater treatment facilities and constructing new facilities. Thus, the control of odors has become a major consideration in the design and operation of wastewater collection, treatment, and disposal facilities, especially with respect to the public acceptance of these facilities. In many instances, projects have been rejected because of subect to fines and other legal action over odor violation.


The potential for odor release from collection systems is high. The principal sources of odorous compounds in collection systems are from (1) the biological conversion, under anaerobic conditions, of organic matter containing nitrogen and sulfur, and (2) the discharge of industrial wastewater that may contain odorous compounds or compounds that may contain with compounds in the wastewater to produce odorous compounds. Odorous gases released to the sewer atomosphere can accumulate and can be released at air release valves, cleanouts, access ports(i.e., manholes), and house vents.


PACT can provide management while providing wastewater treatment EPC service.


Odor management reference photo