Package (Compact) Water Treatment Plant

PACT compact water treatment units are supplied to smaller communities and camps that have no access to a central water treatment facility. The units are normally installed along a surface water source (river or lake). The units are factory built in coated mild steel construction ready to install upon delivery to the site. The PACT water treatment units have been designed in the shape of standard ISO containers convenient for shipping and easy to install. Standard capacities range from 5-200 m 3 /h. Multiples of those units are normally used for larger installations. 

The PACT Package Water Treatment Plants comprise of The Following Components 

  • Raw water intake pumps
  • Chemical metering systems for disinfection and coagulation
  • Flash mix and flocculation tank
  • Clarifier (settling) tank
  • Intermediate (filter feed) tank
  • Filter feed (with Hydrophore pressure control system) and backwash pumps
  • Blowers for sand filter air-scour
  • Pressure type sand filters (manual or automatic backwash)
  • RO unit ( Skid mounted )
  • Interconnecting piping, wiring and cables
  • Stairs, walkways and hand-rails
  • Motor control center

Advantages of the PACT Package Water Treatment Plant

  • Fast ex-works delivery, ideal for emergency water demand
  • Coating and paint to suite installation location (marine-coating for seashore sites)
  • Components are from internationally recognized manufacturers (fast access to spares)
  • Rugged construction built for outdoor installation
  • Comprehensive and easy-to-follow installation and operation instructions
  • Installation supervision service is available for worldwide locations 

Project Photos 

                16 x 200 m 3 /h  water treatment units for USA Army in IRAQ                                      We believe on what we do