Package Grey Water Treatment Plant

PACT grey water treatment system is removal of unwanted suspended material form the grey water, collected and disinfecting the same to make it useful for toilet flushing or irrigation or discharge to sewer lines according to the local laws applicable. 


  • Lower fresh water use
  • Less strain on failing septic tank or treatment plant
  • Grey water treatment in topsoil is highly effective
  • Ability to build in areas unsuitable for conventional treatment (compact)
  • Less energy and chemical use
  • Groundwater recharge
  • Plant growth
  • Reclamation of otherwise wasted nutrient

PACT Grey Water Treatment Capacities

  • Grey water system capacity can be of 5m3 to 150 m3/day
  • Customized designs can be provided as per clients requirement
  • It can cater to a variable range of population


  • Residential areas
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Workers / labourers accommodations at construction sites
  • Rehabilitation sites
  • Remote sites
  • Offshore Installations