Package Sewage Treatment Plant/MBR, MBBR

The PACT package sewage treatment systems have been designed for using in areas not connected to a central sewerage system, such as Hotel, Airport, Mining, Cantonment, etc. To meet various request PACT provides three different type of packages:

  • Conventional biological treatment package
  • Membrane Biological Reactor (MBR) package (CE Certification)
  • Moving Bed Bio-film Reactor (MBBR) package

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                                                             COMPACT MBR                                                                        COMPACT MBBR

Standard Components (common to the three Series) 

  • Tanks for aeration, settling and chlorine contact
  • Roots type blowers complete with motor, silencer, flexible fittings and baseplate
  • Air-piping and fine-bubble diffusers. Diffusers are removable for easy maintenance
  • Sludge air-lift pump (recycling and waste)
  • Disinfection equipment
  • Interconnecting piping and fittings
  • Electric control panel
  • Packaged magnesium anodes for cathodic protection of steel tanks
  • Ladders and walkway for above grade tanks


  • Submersible sump pumps with guide rail, floats and control panel
  • Tanks for sludge holding and equalization
  • Manual or mechanical inlet screen (vertical or cylindrical)
  • Blower enclosure for outdoor installation
  • Settling tank hopper/scraper complete with effluent scum baffle and weir channel.( only for conventional and MBBR)
  • Settling tank surface scum-skimmer
  • Foam control pump, piping and jets
  • Metering pumps for pH adjustment and nutrient addition
  • Tertiary treatment filters of graded sand or multi-media
  • Moving bed biofilm ( only for MBBR)
  • UF membrane unit ( only for MBR)
  • Sludge dewatering device (centrifuge, filter press, belt press)
  • Instrumentation for in-line pH, dissolved oxygen, COD and effluent magnetic flow meter
  • Marine standards for offshore installations complying to IMO regulations


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