Bolted Tank Design Thickener

In many industries, clients hope to use steel structure thickeners to comply with the requirement on site, such as to minimize the civil construction work, installation and commissioning. PACT can custom make and apply the Bolted Tank Design Thickeners to meet these specific requirements. 


    • Low capital cost
    • Smaller footprint
    • No construction works on site
    • Simple installation
    • Easy to transport
    • Easy for relocation
    • Low friction rake lift
    • Engineers can offer the right solutions for your specific requirements :
      • Carbon steel with rubber lined or FRP liner
      • Stainless steel
      • Tank with cover
      • Bowl type of water seal design
      • Insulation design 


  •   Mineral Processing

  •  Water and Wastewater Treatment

   ·Sewage treatment
   ·Water purification

  • Chemical Industrial

   ·Cement industry