TEMP-MASTER Cooling Tower

TEMP-MASTER Coolling Tower Series are used to cool clean water, wastewater, seawater and any other high temperature water. TEMP-MASTER Cooling Tower Series specifically based on different water quality, temperature and environmental conditions. TEMP-MASTER Cooling Tower Series can be classified as Mechanical Induced Draft-Wet-Open Type, with Counter / Cross flow.


C-Ser. Standard Counter Flow Cooing Tower

TEMP-MASTER C-Ser., standard counter flow type (typically rectangular, open mechanical ventilation), is designed for general water quality.


F- Ser. Fully Pultruded FRP Cooling Tower

TEMP-MASTER F- Ser. Fully Pultruded Cooling Tower uses FRP (Fiber Glass Reinforced) or non-metal materials not only for main structure but also for components like frame work, fan stack, filling and eliminator, distribution system and access system, which are in direct contact with water.
Material of connection bolts and hardware components can be used with SUS304/316 or better material based on water quality requirements.
Compared with conventional steel structure, no corrosion is the biggest advantage of using pultruded FRP as main structural material of cooling towers. Regardless of acid or alkaline water quality, FRP can still keep its original structural strength and quality after 20 years operation. 
Compared with RC concrete structure, FRP structure is very light. The operation weight is only 1/10 of RC concrete tower. Hence the tower could be installed on top of roofs or pump stations, saving large areas and large quantity of civil engineering work also.


W- Ser. Wastewater Cooling Tower

For typical wastewater cooling systems, conditions of water quality, water temperature and applications are more demanding due to bad quality, hence higher cooling tower specifications is needed.
The requirement of cooling water for turbidity, acidity and temperature is different from clean water.
In pulp & paper industry, large quantity of wastewater needs to be cooled. Generally, circulated water is acidic and contains a large amount of suspended solids, pulp fiber impurities and so on.
In steel industry, metal needs to be cooled by cooling water. The temperature and temperature differential of cooling water are high. Sometimes, the temperature differential can be higher than 30 degree C, and the water has high turbidity.

TEMP-MASTER W- Ser. Wastewater Cooling Tower can be applied in above applications. Special design for material, type and maintenance & cleaning is needed for W- Ser. Wastewater Cooling Tower: 
The maximum design capacity:  1000 L/s
The highest temperature resistance: 70 ℃
The highest allowance of turbidity: 2000 mg/L


SE- Ser. Seawater Cooling Tower

Areas near the sea, fresh water is very valuable. Using seawater or mixing seawater and fresh water as circulating water can be the best choice to save a large volume of fresh water. TEMP-MASTER SE-Ser. Seawater Cooling Tower is a good choice for above application.


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