Engineering Design Capabilities

PACT has accumualted more than 15 years rich experience in industrial water & wastewater treatment.  PACT design and process engineers are a select group of professionals that have gained their experience operating and/or managing major industrial water and wastewater treatment plants. They are familiar with wastewater and process characteristics and can provide effective and cost economical solutions for our clients.


Commitment to Standards

PACT has provided industrial water & wastewater tratment service for clients in Asia, Australia, America, Africa and Middle East. Our desiners are familiar with latest international and local standards, engineering standards and execution standards.

Passion for Innovation

We aim to provide our clients with innovative solutions to meet their changing and challenging needs.

Utilization of Latest Advanced Design Software Tools

We aim to put at our clients’ disposal the latest software tools – design and simulation, to best deploy our solutions.  



 3D Design Model of Water & Wastewater Treatment Plant