PACT's Project is shortlisted in 2014 Global Water Awards

PACT took part in the project competition of 2014 Global Water Awards and one of our project " naked Stable Water Reuse" is shorlisted in 2014 Global Water Awards (

Project Description

naked Retreats, located at Moganshan, China, is the first LEED Platinum resort in China. The water strategy for naked Retreats is: Reduce, Treat & Reuse.

In 2013, PACT provided two containerized compact MBR (Membrane BioReactor) package sewage treatment plants (STP) to handle all the sewage of naked Retreats. One 20ft container package handles 40 m3/d sewage from stable, restaurant and staff dormitory. Another 40ft container package handles 140 m3/d sewage from gust rooms and Staff Canteen. The effluent of STP is used for flushing, fire flight, irrigation and landscape. The sewage pollution in the scenic spot is avoided and the consumption of fresh water is largely reduced.

Results & Benefits 

As a first mandate, our client reduce their overall water demand, thus cropping the problem of consumption at it’s source. (Examples: flush toilets/ waterless urinals/ low flow - but still comfortable - showers). 


Next, outgoing water is treated and then fed back into the resort’s water cycle at the highest standard of quality. Our two PACT containerized treatment plants fit perfectly in this scheme and perform well with very low maintenance, bringing the effluent well under the authorities’ required standards and enabling them to pump this water into their natural lake. 


As a final stage, natural features are used to collect and then Re-use as much water as possible without having to draw from the local aquifer. Examples include, a closed loop water system, rainwater collection from roofs and roads for grey water recycling, grey and black water treatment and 100% recycling for toilet flushing and irrigation. Overall, the hotel consumes more than 30% less water than a typical hotel. 


The remainder of the treated water (i.e. lake overflow) goes to a wetland filtration for potable water use by the surrounding communities.