Food & Beverage

Clients such as Pepsico-Lays, Pepsico soft drinks, Coca Cola soft drinks, General Mills, etc. are few of PACT clients engaged in the food and beverage industry. Typically high volume wastes and high COD/BOD and oil, requiring either multi-stage aerobic treatment or multistage combined anaerobic and aerobic treatment. In the Pepsico-Lays potato manufacturing plant, the main pollutants were high suspended solids (from potato peel), high BOD/COD and oil. The wastewater was screened first to remove the solids followed by oil skimming, first stage biological using trickling filters (to save on power) followed second stage biological using the extended aeration process.  

PACT's Partial Reference of Water & Wastewater Treatment in Food & Beverage Industry

Success Sharing-Mars (Effem Foods)

Mars, Inc. is an American global manufacturer of confectionery, pet food, and other food product  and is ranked as the 3rd largest privately held company in the United States by Forbes. The Mars portfolio has five of the world's leading confectionery brands, including the Mars Bar, Snickers Bar, Skittles and Twix Cookie Bars, and the world's single largest candy brand, M&M's Chocolate Candies.

PACT provides wastewater treatement service for Mars's facility located in Jiaxing, China manufacturing chocolate and candy. Anaerobic/aerobic biological processes are used to treat the wastewater.The treated water reaches Chinese national standard GB/T 18920-2002 for irrigation and reuse purpose.