Clients such as ThyssenKrupp, BlueScope, Alcoa, Xiashun Aluminum in cooperation with engineering companies such as Hatch and Andritz are client engaged with us in aluminum & steel industries.. A selection of treatment processes includes ultrafiltration (UF), biological treatment, dissolved air flotation (DAF), neutralization, coagulation, flocculation, clarification and ion-exchange. These processes treat a range of pollutants such as emulsified and free oil, phosphates, metals, BOD, COD and suspended matters, among others. Due to consumption of large volumes of water in this industry, the PACT design covers reclamation of wastewater for reuse in cooling towers, flushing and general non-potable use. Waste disposal whether liquids or solids is reduced to a minimum with the ultimate aim of zero discharge.

PACT's Patial Reference of Water & Wastewater Treatment in Metallurgy Industry



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ThyssenKrupp is the fifth largest industrial company in Germany. ThyssenKrupp's business covers steel, automobile technology, machine manufacturing, engineering design and trade,etc.ThyssenKrupp established facilities and offices in more than 80 countries with more than 193,000 staff and 38 billion annual revenue.PACT provides an EPC solution of industrial acid and alkaline wastewater treatment for an American manufactruing facility and cooling water,ciuculating water,wastewater/sewage wastewater and oliy wastewater treatment for ThssenKrupp in Shanghai.

ThyssenKrupp (The USA) Wastewater Characteristics And The Treatment Solution

The wastewater is composed of two streams.The first stream is coming from the Neolyte picking and contaminated with H2SO4 and Cr6+. The second stream is contaminated with mixed acid consisting of HF, HNO3 and dissolved metals according to the pickled steel grades. The effluent meets discharging standard after chemical treatment provided by us.