A variety of products in flavor and toiletry industry cause complexity of the wastewater, PACT’s experience with such companies as L’oreal, Bayer, Firmenich has been rewarding in acquiring the necessary know-how. The specialty processes using DAF, Chemical-physical, oxidation and biological process.

PACT's Partial Reference of Water & Wastewater Treatment in Toiletry



Sucess Sharing -L'Oreal Paris

Established in 1907,L'oreal is the world largest cosmetic company with its headquater located at Paris, France. L'oreal is listed in Fortune 500 and 'The Worlds Most Admired Companies' .As a world leader in cosmetic industry, L'oreal have more than 500 world brands relating to shampoo, coloration, skin care and perfume.L'oreal business covers more than 150 countries and areas.L'oreal has more than 100 global branches and have more than 63,000 staff and 42 plants. PACT provides an EPC solution of wastewater treatment for Suzhou Plant of L'oreal.

L'Oreal (Suzhou)Wastewater Characteristics And The Treatment Solution

L'oreal Suzhou Plant manufacutures coloration,mascara,liquid foundation,skin care,lipstick (no wastewater) ,powder (no wastewater) and shampoo mainly.


The industrial wastewater mainly comes from cleaning operations of the industrial equipment, storage vessels, raw material and bulk transfer equipment, water treatment processing and cleaning areas. The water used in the different production units picks up various products (raw material and finished products losses, leftovers in the production reaction vessels or storage vessels, product residues in transfer pipes, etc.) before joining the industrial wastewater collection system.



The wastewater has a charcterisic of varierity of quantity and quality. After a process of phsico-chemical treatment provided by us, the effluent meets discharging standard(Shown in the following table).


The Effluent Diacharging Standard Of L'Oreal (Suzhou)WWTP


Discharging Standard


6 – 9


< 40 oC

Total BOD5

< 300 mg/L

Total CODcr

< 500 mg/L

Suspended Solids

< 400 mg/L

Mineral oils and greases

< 30 mg/L

Animal and plant oils

<100 mg/L

Total oils and greases

< 20 mg/L


< 20 mg/L


< 2.0 mg/L

Anionic surfactants

< 20 mg/L

Color (times)  

< 200

Total arsenic

< 0.5 mg/L

Total lead

< 1.0 mg/L

Total silver

< 0.5 mg/L

Total beryllium

< 0.005 mg/L

Total nickel

< 1.0 mg/L