Hotel & Resorts

PACT's Package Plants can be applied product portable water and treat wastewater for small communities successfully, such as Amusement & Resorts. Such clients are Maldives Hotel and naked Retreats.


Success Sharing-naked Retreats

naked Retreats, located at Moganshan, China, is the Platinum resort in China.The water strategy for Naked Retreats is: Reduce, Treat & Reuse.In 2013, PACT provided two containerized compact MBR (Membrane BioReactor) package sewage treatment plants (STP) to handle all the sewage of Naked Retreats. One 20ft container package handles 40 m3/d sewage from stable, restaurant and staff dormitory. Another 40ft container package handles 140 m3/d sewage from gust rooms and Staff Canteen. The effluent of STP is used for flushing, fire flight, irrigation and landscape. The sewage pollution in the scenic spot is avoided and the consumption of fresh water highly comes down for this reason. The project was short listed in 2014 Global Water Awards.




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